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the memory of stones


Rule in Martin Schongauer's stoneware

October 4, 1857, the Schongauer society placed order of a statue at the memory of artist Martin Schongauer to the sculptor Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi.

This monument had to decorate the yard of the cloister of the Unterlindens. The project proposed by the sculptor was composed of a pedestal in the shape of fountain with   four basins and four allegorical faces symbolizing the goldwork, the engraving, the studie and the painting. The whole was surmounted of an artist Schongauer statue.

The statue of Martin SCHONGAUER was achieved in 1860.

Pink sandstone been necessary close to eleven cubic meters for the set of the monument of which the pose, in the center of the cloister, was finished May 11, 1863.

For a problem of food in water, the fountain didn't function during close to fifty years.

In May 1958, the fountain was withdrawn from the cloister and was dismembered.

Fontain Schongauer in 1922

The four allegories were exposed in the court of the museum, the statue, a long time banished to the municipal shops, welcomes the visitors of the museum since 1991. The orphan fountain, a long time installed as rinse - glasses in the Winemarket, recovered a little dignity before the church Saint - Joseph.