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the memory of stones

Jean Daniel ROHR, the explorer

Jean Daniel ROHR

Born in a family of traders, Rue Vauban, February 6, 1812 in Colmar, Jean Daniel ROHR was one of the first explorers of the islands of the Pacific.

At 20 years he enters into the army, first in the artillery in Strasbourg then in the artillery of marine.

He embarks for the Marquises as lieutenant in second with commodore Abel du PETIT THOUARS on "La Reine Blanche " December 20, 1841 in Brest.

In the archipelago of the Marquises, he learned the language quickly what allowed him to be appreciated of the natives.

When lieutenant Armand Joseph BRUAT was named governor of NUKU-HIRVA, it is Jean Daniel ROHR that welcomed it and made him visit the island

In 1845, back in Colmar, he made grant of a collection of exotic objects in the town hall of his native city.

He got married in 1846 with Marie GEYL of which he had a son and a girl.

He finished his career in 1868 as officer of artillery and decorated officer of the Honor Legion.

He died February 25, 1891 in Colmar.