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the memory of stones

Edmond FLEISCHHAUER, the collector


Edmond FLEISCHHAUER (born in Strasbourg September 25, 1812, dead in Colmar  March 11, 1896) was during his life an influential personality of the life of the city.

He started his public activity while entering à the municipal Council of Colmar. In 1870, when the "Trader Council" was created, it became the first president of it.

In 1879, he is elected deputy of Colmar at the delegation of Alsace Lorraine.

Passionate of art and archeology, it is as a matter of course that he acquires the hotel of CORBERON in 1865.

He was the active president of the Schongauer society of 1880 à 1896.

Passionate collector, he gathered with the passing of the years of numerous pieces (swords, armors, rifles, ivory objects however dyed in) that he exposed at the "Koïfhus". He bequeathed by will this rich collection at the City of Colmar that was able to it in deposit at the museum Unterlinden of which one of the rooms door henceforth his name.