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the memory of stones

Marie-Antoinette LIX, the woman soldier

Marie-Antoinette LIX

Raised as a boy by his parents, confided to the boarding school of the Sisters of Divine Ribeauvillé's providence, novice during some months and finally serviceman be been supposed to be a man... Such is curious Marie-Antoinette LIX's course, been born on May 31, 1839 in the 76, Great street in Colmar.

The patch affixed on the house calls back only very briefly this surprising route.

Antoinette LIX. Lieutenant of Polish Uhlans. Lieutenant of Franc tireurs was born in this house on May 31, 1839.

In 10 years, she shone in fencing, shot and equitation. Renowned undisciplined, it obtained nevertheless its patent of instructror in 17 years and found an job of governess in Poland.

In 1863, during the Polish uprising, she dresses an uniform and, under the name of Michel LIX, said " dark " galvanized 300 Poles who managed to beat 800 Russian soldiers who had just brought down them in an ambush.

Thanks to miscellaneous other fights, she eventually been named a lieutenant. Brought in in France in 1865, she obtained, four years later, an job of postmaster to Lamarche in Vosges.

When burst the war of 1870, it joined always as lieutenant, the company of the franc tireurs of Lamarche placed then under the command of general Garibaldi.

 House Lix

Marie-Antoinette LIX signed also four novels for patriotic character (Everything for the homeland, The nephews of the canoness, Young people brutions and old soldiers of the old guard of Napoleon 1, In Paris and in province) before dying in Meurthe-et-Moselle in 1909.