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the memory of stones

Johann van LYNDT, the trader

House Lyndt

 In the yard of the 21, of the street of the Traders, north side, is a commemorative stone with this registration:

" That the Lord God guards this house and all that live there or leave her. That he grants us his grace. I am named to the Lime tree.

It is as the 1589 that this house was set up with the grace of God, its help and its protection. For my greatest good and that of mine.

Me Johann van LYNDT, of Cologne I built this house. "

Johann van LYNDT married an colmarian in 1585 and one year later was allowed middle-class person of the city and registers as trader.

Already owner of two houses in the street of the Traders, he built there the third that he lived in with his five children until 1597.

In 1606, he is found then as innkeeper.