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the memory of stones

Eugène NOACK alias SCHENI, the Illustrator

Born the January 1908 in Colmar, Eugene NOACK that the colmariens called Scheni " lovingly ", was a self-educated painter who testified of his grants for the drawing since his childhood.

This grant he didn't enhance it indeed that late because in 1935, he first exercises, with talent, the profession of cabinetmaker marqueteur.

After World War II, he gets settled like artist painter and the financial need helping, he knows an intense creative activity: paintings, advertising drawings, posters, labels of wine,..

Eugène Noack

In 1960, he enters like broker to bicycle to the office colmarien of the newspaper " Alsace " where one allows him to exercise his artistic talents that will make it well famous beyond the region.

He will retire in 1976 without having left Colmar ever.

He died September 29, 1985 in Colmar at the age of 77 years.

To the difference of "Hansi", he lets a work, destitute of all patriotic accent, generous and respectful of the life of the simple people