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the memory of stones

Jean-Jacques WALTZ alias "HANSI", the patriot

In this house lived and worked jusquà the death said Jean-Jacques Waltz "Hansi" 1873-1951 Caricaturist, artist-painter, patriotic and resistant writer. In the time of the separation it was the symbol of faithful Alsace and of French hope.

Been born in 1873 in the 41 of the street of Keys, Jean-Jacques WALTZ acquired a placed house 9 in 1921, boulevard of the March field.

He settled down there with his father.

House Hansi

It is on this building that is a commemorative tablet.

HANSI, died in 1951, is especially known of the general public as the print-manufactor of three-coloured and patriotic Alsace.

Besides the uncountable drawings and cards that we know, this artist was a admirable creative of signboards

square Hansi

For the fiftieth birthday of his death, the city of Colmar erected a stele for the memory of " the uncle Hansi " in the square in front of his house of the Boulevard Champs of March.