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the memory of stones

Jean Baptist LEMIRE, the itinerant orchestra chief

Jean Baptist LEMIRE is born June 8, 1867 at 10 from the Wickramstreet to Colmar. Son of Jean LEMIRE, mason, and of Anne - Marie SARTER, seamstress. His mother was the girl of rich owners of a starch factory in Colmar.

In 1871, the family emigrates to Grand-Charmont (Doubs). In 1880, she moves to Belfort where the young LEMIRE, apprentice adjuster, discovers the municipal harmony.

In 1888, he enters into the marine like district main musician, and discover the world.

In 1904, at the end of his military engagement and after a passage by the Conservatory of Lyons, he starts a tour of France of the orchestras of harmonies (Biarritz, Saint - Claude, Lyons, Saint - Malo, Morez, Angers,...) and compose innumerable works.

In 1931, he retires in the Sarthe where he dies to La Flèche March 2, 1945.