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the memory of stones

Henri WADERE, sculptor and medaillor

Henri Wadéré (1865-1950)

Henri WADERE, son of a stucco worker and caretaker of the manufacture of the tobaccos of Colmar, were born in Colmar on July 2, 1865.

After its training in a workshop of woodcarving, the young WADERE was likely to obtain a purse of the German administration to continue its studies of sculpture to the academy of the fine arts of Munich where it met Syrius Eberle.

Since 1891, it settled in this city where it made career and realized more than the 360 most various works: medallions, busts, statues, tombs.

In 1900, it is named professor of figurative sculpture at the School of decorative arts of Munich where it teaches until 1933.

These most famous works are Pallas Athena offered to Bismarck (1895), the monument Richard Wagner (1913) in Munich, the statue of Saint-Benedikt (1916) in São Paulo, the Virgin with the Child (1925) in Cleveland.

In Strasbourg, it carries a Rosa Mystica of white marble in the Catholic church Saint-Peter-the-Young and in Colmar, the imposing series of the twelve apostles of the collegial Saint Martin.

It is also famous for the creation of commemorative medals.

Medal from Henri Wadere

He died in Munich on February 27, 1950 at the 85 years age.