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the memory of stones

Frederic-Auguste BARTHOLDI, the sculptor of "Miss Liberty"

Frédéric-Auguste BARTHOLDI was born in the 30 of the street of the Traders on August 2, 1834.

Frederic-August Bartholdi

Her mother Charlotte born BEYSSER (Ribeauvillé, 1801 - Paris, 1891), widow early from professor of drawing Jean-Charles BARTHOLDI (Colmar, 1791 - 1836), moves to Paris and, from 1843 , the young person BARTHOLDI is a pupil to Louis-le-Grand school.

But during holidays, he returns to stay in the family House in Colmar.

In 1852, he frequents the Parisian workshops. Two journeys in Egypt (on 1856 and 1867) introduce him to the monumental vision of forms.

The journey in the United States during the centenary of the American independence ( 1876 ), to the course of which he marries Jeanne-Emilie BAHEUX de PUYSIEUX (Bar-le-Duc, 1829 - Paris, 1914), will allow him to develop its humane ideals.

He is the author of the equestrian statue of Vercingetorix (1870) in Clermont-Ferrand, of the Lion of Belfort  (1880) and of the " Liberty illuminating the world " (1886) more commonly known as " Statue of the Liberty " to New York.

Frédéric - August Barthlodi died in Paris October 4, 1904 after an illness on which we don't much know.

House Bartholdi

October 5, 1904, a daily of Madrid, Correspondendia de España, announcement that the famous sculptor Bartholdi succumbed at the injuries undergone at the time of a criminal attempt perpetrated against the train of Algiers to Oran. An enormous rock has been thrown since a mound against the wagon restoring, whose cook has been wounded severely.

One ignores that the author of this wild act is, and the research are ongoing. How could one situate the septuagenarian artist in north Africa whereas he died out since several months in Paris? Mystery! Just ace odd, thesis belfortains that affirms you that Bartholdi committed commits suicide at Belfort in 1880 after having realized that hey had forgotten to sculpt the tongue of the huge fawn.Incredible but true!

The native house shelters the Museum dedicated to the famous sculptor today.

Auguste Bartholdi was born in this house on August 2, 1834. Died in Paris on October 4, 1904

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