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the memory of stones

Johannes ROESSELMANN, the hero of the independence

Fountain Roesselmann, places Six Black Mountains, by Bartholdi

Johannes ROESSELMANN, born in Tuckheim on 1200, son of a tanner, is provost of Colmar in the great resentment of the noble of the region.

In Oktober 1261, these last ones lend assistance to the bishop of Strasbourg to get rid of their common enemy.

ROESSELMANN takes refuge at Rodolphe's de Habsbourg's, future emperor, of whom help allows him to get back the highest judiciary.

But a morning on 1262, a troop in Rodolphe's colours penetrate into the city: it is the soldiers of the bishop disguised.

ROESSELMANN rushes in the head of a bourgeois militia and managed to push away the invader; but he pays of the life the freedom of Colmar.

The fountain of the place of the Six Black Mountains has been achieved by Frederic-Auguste BARTHOLDI in 1888