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the memory of stones

Jean-Georges HAFFNER, the colmarian of Poland

Jean-Georges HAFFNER, son of Jean Georges HAFFNER, Baker and Elisabeth MULLER was born in Colmar , 1 rue des Serruriers at 21 September 1775.

He left his hometown to follow studies of medicine, then hired in the Grande Armée as a doctor, and thus participated in the siege of Danzig or his countryman Jean RAPP became Governor-General.

He settled in this town as a doctor and married Régine Caroline BRUHNS, widow of a rich local merchant.

Interested in the balneotherapy, he built in 1823, paying his fortune, and his wife, a SOPOT, bath Beach establishment

J-G. HAFFNER in SOPOT (Poland)

Suffering from malaria, HAFFNER died 20 April 1830, at the age of 55 years at SOPOT.

His wife took the estate but died a year more for cholera.

The relay was as well as poorly provided by Josephine and Oscar children.

Finally, in 1870, the city of SOPOT bought the rights to the heirs.

At the beginning of the 20th century, SOPOT was the city water the Emperor William II is preferred.

The memory of the colmarian is always mentioned in this city, by a Commemorative Table, streets, a monument, a stream, a park, a hotel****.