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the memory of stones

Camille SEE and the education of the girls

Camille Sée

Camille SEE , son of Madeleine and Gerson SEE original of Bergheim and installed in Colmar since 1832, is born in Colmar March 10, 1847.

After studies to the high school of Colmar, he gets a license of right in the university of Strasbourg. In 1869, him himself registered to the bar of Paris and exercise the functions of secretary of Mr. GROVAILLE, famed lawyer of the capital.

Displaying his political convictions, he is named Chief of Staff of the Minister of the inside GAMBETTA in September 1870. Aged hardly of 23 years, he distinguishes himself while succeeding grace the support of the general TROCHU in imploring the uprising of the Parisian after the capitulation of the army facing the Germans.

Named sub-prefect in Saint-Denis, he is interested in the school establishment working for girls, few numerous and private.

 Quickly convinced of the necessity to generalize the public teaching for girls, he convinces his political friends to make adopt a project of law. This law is voted by the Room of the deputies in 1879 and by the Senate in December 1880.

In 1881, a new law will allow the creation of the normal school of Sèvres intended the formation of the women - professors.

Camille SEE dies January 19, 1919 in Paris at the age of 72 years. He is buried in the Montmartre cemetery.

His native city returned him homage in 1922 while giving its name in the high school of girls of Colmar (present High school Schongauer). In 1991, the name " Camille Sée " is given to the new regional versatile high school, situated avenue of Europe.