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André Hartemann, the Chief of headquarters of the airforce

the general André Hartemann

The general André HARTEMANN is born in Colmar July 23, 1899. In July 1917, he commits to the 169th RI. He takes part in the Rhenish country occupation, is sent then to the 23rd battalion of hunters, in High Silesia. Named lieutenant in September 1921, he joins the Rhenish countries and the 6th Moroccan skirmisher Regiment with which he embarks for Morocco in January 1923.

He remains there until August 1926. In 1928, he is admitted to the superior school of war. At the end of his practicum, lieutenant HARTEMANN discovers the world of the aviation while passing his observer's patent by plane. Named captain in June 1932, he does his time of command in Constantine. Six months later, he is made knight of the honor Legion.

After the creation of the airforce, April 1st, 1933, the career of captain HARTEMANN topples. He decides to change camp and enter to the French wing service in the headquarters from the fifth aerial region to Algiers.

He remains there until the mobilization and, during these five years, participate in the aerial means regrouping. The approach of the war requiring a fast increase of the strengths of the aerial strength, he integrates the airforce in 1940 and pass his pilot's patent.

June 6, 1940, he distinguishes himself during a deep recognition in hostile territory. In 1941, commander HARTEMANN joins Algiers to the headquarters of the superior command of air in north Africa.

Under the orders of the general Bouscat, he expends much energy without counting for the fusion of the aviations of London and Africa. He creates, in May 1943, the first Regiment of hunters paratroops of which he assures the command.

In June of the same year, he enters to Combined Air Forces M.Q. Eight days after, he is a lieutenant colonel. Back in France in August 1944, he is named second-in-command OPS of the headquarters of the airforce, then chief of the interallied link mission. He reaches colonel's rank then.

In September 1946, supreme consecration, the general HARTEMANN is named chief of headquarters of the airforce.

In April 1948, the government creates a headquarters combined of the armed services. Promoted divisionnaire, he becomes general regimental adjutant of the airforce, then, in 1949, director of the aerial and in command of higher education of the superior school of aerial war.

In April 1950, the general HARTEMANN takes the aerial strength command in Extreme - Orient. In October, he becomes general three stars.

House HartemannApril 28, 1951, a bombardier B 26 armed of eight bombs of 260 books takes off the southeast of Haiphong for an armed recognition mission in the tonkin region conquered by the Viêt - Minh. To the exit of the mission, the plane must join, to the vertical of Hanoi, three other devices to participate in an exercise.

The general HARTEMANN is navigator and commander of plane. This last doesn't present itself has the hour of the appointment. The Viêt - Minh diffuse a victory messages. He would seem that makes the pilot of it, following a breakdown of motor, tempted without success a landing of fortune close to Cao-Bang.

In this house July 23, 1899 was born the general of body aerial André HARTEMANN, commander of the honor Legion, extinct in aerial mission April 28, 1951 in viêtminh - indochine  country."

The city of Colmar didn't forget it while giving his name in a place of which a house carries on its facade a plate of marble: " In this house July 23, 1899 was born the general of body aerial André HARTEMANN, commander of the honor Legion, extinct in aerial mission April 28, 1951 in viêtminh - indochine  country. "

The native house is situated, on the place to which this former chief of headquarters of the airforce gave his name, between the Duck street and the small street of Wheats.