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the memory of stones

Gustave Adolphe HIRN, the physicist

HIRN's statue in the park Bartholdi

Gustave Adolphe HIRN was born to Logelbach in the suburb of Colmar on August 21, 1815. At first engineer-chemist in Logelbach's factory he begins searches on the functioning of steam engines. The mechanical determination of an equivalent of the calorie has to been him.

He is the inventor of the pandynamometer.

Besides, very fascinated by heavenly observations, he creates a meteorological observatory in Colmar.

He publishes numerous works on the searches:

  • " The equivalent mechanics of the heat ";
  • " Mechanical Theory of the heat ";
  • " Analysis of the universe ";
  • " Memory on rings Saturn ";
  • " Pandynamometers "

He dies in Colmar on January 14, 1890. Frederic-Auguste BARTHOLDI realized the statue set up in the glory of the physicist in 1894.

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