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the memory of stones

Lazare de SCHWENDI, the imperial bailiff

Fontain Schwendi

Frédéric-Auguste BARTHOLDI achieved in 1898 the statue of SCHWENDI, waving a plantation of grapevine, that overhangs the fountain in the middle of the room of the old Custom of Colmar.

Lazare de SCHWENDI  (1522-1583), imperial bailli, fought in Hungary and taken the city of Tokay. It is there that he/it would have taken some plantations of the famous wine of which he/it makes grant in the city of Kaysersberg.

Since this time, these some plantations increased extensively and made the renown of all the Alsatian vineyard. To note that the Tokay "appellation" has been replaced by the one of  "Tokay-Pinot Gris"

.Fountain Schwendi from Bartholdi