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the memory of stones

CHAUFFOUR, a family of notables

The family Chauffour original of Bobigny close to Paris had gotten settled Colmar à where she implied herself in the public life of the city.

In 1634, a Chauffour was "  Stettmeister  " (Burgomaster) of Colmar. He lived at the number 8 of the Place de l'Ancienne Douane.

Jean Baptiste Chauffour , lawyer, lived in 1727 at the number 5 of the present "rue de l'Ancienne Poste" where he had opened a Post office  of 1729 to 1776.

House Chauffour, 5 old Post street

L. Ignace Chauffour , conductor of the fines and spices at the Sovereign Council sold in 1776 his house of the number 15 of the street of wheats (Chauffour street) at poet PFEFFEL.

Ignace Chauffour

Felix Chauffour (1718-1806), lawyer, is known for his chronicles on the history of Colmar.

Victor Chauffour (Colmar 1809 - Paris 1889) was lawyer Colmar and Deputy of the Bas-Rhin.

Louis Chauffour (Colmar 1816 - Paris 1888)   Deputy of the Haut-Rhin in 1871.

Ignace Chauffour (1808 -1879) bibliophile and lawyer made grant of his magnificent library at the city of Colmar that honored his memory by the installation, at the museum, of a bust created by Bartholdi and while giving his name at a part of the Rue des Blés (Korngasse) where had lived at the number 5.