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Charles Frédéric KUHLMANN, the chemist

Charles Frédéric Kuhlmann

Charles Frédéric KUHLMANN, son of Georges Christian KUHLMANN, geometer – geographer, and Marie Salomé HOCHSTETTER is born at Colmar in May 22, 1803.

The young Frédéric made his first studies then Nancy at the university of Strasbourg.

His Parisian master Nicolas Vauquelin (1763-1829), sent it at Lille to teach the chemistry there in a municipal course.

Titular of a chair chemistry at the university of Lille, he can meet the industirels of the North french Departement. Has their contact, he had the idea then to create, since 1829, a factory of utilized sulfuric acid to discolor the textile fibers for the mills.

ll was one of the first at to produce the sulfuric acid by process " contact " (1833) and at to use some catalysts in the industrial chemistry (notably in the manufacture of the nitric acid from ammonia in presence of turntable).

His chemical plant spread at quickly the production of manures and stains. With his son Jules Frédéric (1841-1881), he were one of the founders of the big group Péchiney-Ugine-Kuhlmann industrial.

In the thirties, he opened a factory of rayon at Colmar. The city Colmar of crams its name at one of the streets of forming settlement of the district Saint Léon that adjoined this factory.

Frédéric Kuhlmann died at Lille in January 27, 1881.