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the memory of stones

Victor BAUR, military doctor

Victor Baur

François Xavier Victor BAUR was born in Berrwiller (Haut-Rhin), September 10, 1857, son of Chrétien BAUR and Marie-Thérèse BRUCKER, farmers.

Under the influence of his uncles, one, the Abbot Jean-Baptiste BAUR, was Professor at Colmar and the other François-Xavier BAUR, doctor in Soultz, he chooses to enter the Faculty of Medicine of Nancy and subsequently opted for the Service of health of hosts: he was admitted to Val de Grace with promotion 1881.

After serving in various hospitals arround Paris (Versailles, Rambouillet), Victor BAUR will perform a large part of his military career in the French colonies: Tunisia from 1883 to 1886, Tonkin from 1891 to 1894, Algeria from 1897 to 1900, Morocco from 1912 to 1914, where he was given the direction of the hospital in Casablanca.

When the great war broke out, Victor. BAUR is senior doctor of first class (the equivalent of Colonel) and joined the staff of general HUMBERT in the 9th Army Corps where he became doctor of the Moroccan Division.

At the first battle of the Marne, the Moroccan Division had to contain the enemy South of the marshes of Saint-Gond; wounded in the thigh the first time, on August 28, 1914, he refused to be evacuated to organize personally the retreat of wounded; While following the course of the battle, on September 6, 1914, next to general HUMBERT, he was mortally wounded by a piece of shrapnel at the age of 57.

Mondement Castle, where was the staff had to be evacuated and was resumed two days later: there was found the remains of Victor BAUR, that the Germans had not had time to bury. After the Armistice, he was buried in Colmar.

It is natural that the hospital additional armies N ° 57, located in the Park of Saint-Jacques at Nantes hospital, inaugurated on October 29, 1914, was baptized "Hospital Baur". Its activity lasted about five years.

It is when this provisional Hospital was demolished in 1919, that the hospital military de Colmar officially took the name "Hospital military BAUR"; the occupying German troops changed the name in 1940. After the Liberation, he resumed the name that he has worn until its dissolution in 1994. A commemorative plaque was affixed in 1948.

He was Knight of the Legion of honour, holder of the Medal of the Morocco and the Morocco colonial medals and Tonkin; his name appears on the Monument to the dead of Berrwiller.

Married to H. JAEGER, the daughter of the notary of Kaysersberg, he had two children: Marie-Thérèse died young and Andre who began a military career in medicine and completed to the rank of doctor-colonel before becoming occupational medicine in Colmar.