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the memory of stones

MEQUILLET, a family of landowners.

Villa Mequillet in the Bruat street

The family MEQUILLET was from the country of Montbéliard where she counted five generations of pastors. This vocation transmitted itself of father in son until the French Revolution. One of these sons, Jacques Frédéric , came to get settled in Riquewihr where he practised clerk's profession then to the writings of manorial receiver.

It is in this Alsatian branch that was born in 1832 Camille MEQUILLET , son of Jacques Frédéric , merchant of silks and novelties and grandson of the precedent. Camille chooses lawyer's career but he seems that he rather lived the pensions that he procured his goods that of his honoraria.

He got married with Emilia SCHULTZ of Riquewihr, rich heiress of her lucky aunts, damsels SCHMIDT.

Camille MEQUILLET was also interested in the viticulture and to the wine-making industry and produced one of the best wines of Riquewihr.

Vivant merely, but comfortably, he placed his savings while buying new earths regularly. He acquired many fields and grapevines thus at the time of the crises economic of the July Monarchy.

Camille MEQUILLET also possessed several houses to Riquewihr and a big property in the Bruatstreet in Colmar. Camille MEQUILLET died in 1918 in Geneva where he had retired. All his life he showed evidence of a very big generosity.

This is how his name is engraved to the entry of the Unterlinden museum among the donors of the Schongauer society, as well as under the passage covered with the hospital Pastor among the benefactors of the civil hospices of Colmar.

His daughter Fanny born in Colmar April 7, 1863 inherited his father its huge fortune and a big generosity. At the city of Riquewihr she gave many lands situated in Riquewihr, Beblenheim, Hunawihr and Mittelwihr.

plate of the garden Méquillet

To the city of Colmar she bequeathed a park situated close to the prefecture and that makes today the joy of the children as well as a splendid library. She made benefit also from her generosities the civil hospices of Colmar, the Protestant community of the city and the Diaconat Hospital.

Fanny MEQUILLET that lived in the domestic property kicks Bruat until 1939 died in Geneva July 1st, 1950. Her body rests to the cemetery of Colmar next to her father and her grandfather.