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the memory of stones

Jean RAPP, the general

House Rapp (Old Custom)

Lieutenant-General Jean, count RAPP was born in the stall of the caretaker of the city hall in Colmar in the house adjacent to famous " Koiffùs " (Old Customs House) on April 27, 1771.

Son of caretaker Hans RAPP, the simple soldier is himself elevated to the rank of Division general by his bravery and his righteousness

 Jean Rapp's native house in Koiffùs

Governor of Dantzig, he defended the city during one year after the pension of Russia. Reunited in bourbons after Cent - Days, he became a chamberlain of Louis XVIII.

He died to Rheinweiler in country of Bade on November 8, 1821. Its native city made him erect in 1856 a monument to the Fields of March carrying this quote that translates the sense of the honor of Napoléon's officer: " My word is sacred ".

Mausoleum containing the heart from Jean Rapp

A mausoleum containing the heart of the general Rapp is at the church Saint Matthieu.

Monument RAPP