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the memory of stones

Auguste Adolph, the Merchant of ribbons

House Adolph

One knows few things on August Adolph, merchant of ribbons, except that he was from Kogenheim and that he had gotten settled at Colmar in 1824 in the magnificent home that carries today his name.

As far as door the registers of the township, one can follow the trace of the different owners of this remarkable home situated at the 16, place of the cathedral.

Since 1371, Dietrich Röschart, attested first owner, gives up the house at Henemann Teinheim.

Of 1412 to 1416, the house belonged at Heinrich Seckel. In 1422, she belonged at Hans Humperly. The main Ruff (Müller of his surname) possessed it of 1426 to 1459.

In 1470-71 it is the major Claus Würmlin that lived there. Follows haberdashers Sulz of 1425 to 1453. Toward 1495, distiller Hans Schumacher.

In 1517, one finds Hans there Rechsen von. Shortly after, in 1539, the widow of the major Ludwig Hutsch then his son-in-law Herrmann Bolschnitzer of 1522 to 1543.

The major Ruprecht Kriegelstein acquired its rightses in 1548; the house was sold in 1564 at the maker of collars Jacob Seiler.

In 1584, its belongs at the director of the hospital Johann Roggenstroh. Of 1602 to 1615, the house is the property of Jonatas Ritter, municipal conductor. The house remains in its family until 1647. Of 1647 to 1657, its belongs at Andreas Herbert the young, shoemaker.

She was bought by Matthias Joner, tanner, in 1658 that gave up it 1672 at the chapter Saint - Martin. Of 1680 to 1693 its was in possession of Martin Steffan, then of the municipal collector John the Baptist Lefébure that gave up it at the Italian merchant Jean Dominique Mosso in 1713.

In 1766, the tradesman Michel Antoine Pinot gave up it at caterer Louis Joseph Chambon. In 1782, its belongs at the Solinger pharmacist come from Rouffach, then at his substitute Joseph Gérard in 1806.

Finally, by decision of March 10, 1921, the town council allows the acquirement and the restoration of the house of August Adolph last private owner.