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the memory of stones

Jean Guillaume VOLLMAR, the last torturer

Mentioned as of XIVe century, the torturer (Nachrichter or Scharfrichter) is charged to carry out the sentences of municipal justice.

Minor punishments such as the installation of the yoke, the beating of condemned and marking to red iron are carried out by the Master-Servant (Meisterknecht).

House of the torturer (known as House Fleckinger- 7, rue des Unterlinden)

For the most serious offences, it applies itself the capital sentence : hanging, decapitation, torture of the wheel in public place (Place Jeanne d'Arc).

It prepares and lights also the bûchers of the witches.

Its incomes, in addition to one housing of function, are composed of taxes fixed according to each execution.

But the torturer exerted also the functions of squarer and only was authorized him to cut down the wandering animals, to bury the animals and to empty the latrines.

Many nearby villages called upon its multiple services.

However, any relation between an honest man and the torturer was outrageante. This is why, it was to carry an easily recognizable behaviour and with the church, it had a place, only, with the variation.

The office was a family monopoly whose load was sold by the widows of the torturers.

Among the families have can quote Muller, Heidenreich, Burckhardt and Vollmar.

Thus, in 1747, the widow of the torturer Frederic Burckhardt sells to George Michel Vollmar, originating in Wissembourg and torturer in Hagen (close to Karlsruhe) the load for the sum of 9000 pounds.

In 1750, this one associates his/her son George Frederic.

In 1760, the city allots the load “to perpetuity” with the Vollmar family.

In 1785, George Michel dies and his/her son George Frederic is sick. It is the brother of the latter, Jean Jacques Vollmar who exerts in Hagen which will take again the load.

In 1803, Jean Jacques, last communal torturer, resigns with the profit of his son Jean Guillaume who officiates already on behalf of the criminal Court, of the imperial Court and the Court of bases.

Assisted by two assistances, its office is exerted on all the department.

Vollmar remains in station until its death in 1834.