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the memory of stones

Martin STOCKMEYER, the skipper

House Stockmeyer. Quay of the Fishmonger's shop

In the 14, quay of the Fishmonger's shop is Martin STOCKMEYER's house, born June 18, 1740.

Son of Martin (boatman) and grandson of Louis STOCKMEYER (coppersmith).

His mother, Jeanne Marie HECKER, born in 1709, was as girl of boatman.

November 19, 1764, he marries Anne - Marie PETER, born in 1737 of which he will have a girl, Anna - Maria, born October 8, 1767 that will die two months later.

At 25 years, he joins the corporation of the boatmen, fishers and butchers, what will allow him to coast craftsmen, agriculturists and wine growers.

" Big muzzle ", he has the reputation to disturb the sittings of the meetings to which he actively participates.

On February 3, 1791, rioters collected in Colmar by shouting "Lives the king", "The nation to the devil" . The arrival of the mayor and the prosecutor did not inform the crowd.

It is the skipper Martin Stockmeyer finally, the municipal officer, that loaded the rioters with some neighbours by means of great blows with a stick.

Following these facts, he was presented as "Hercules of Colmar" especially since the commander of the national guard had just sent his dismissal.

Martin Stockmeyer

The act of bravery made the tour of France quickly.

In recognition, STOCKMEYER been able to to occupy the functions of inspector of the buildings and the forests of the cityand was lodged free in the Werkhof..

But the integrity was not as important as its patriotism had been : he exploited the forest in the profit and lost the job.

He died October 25, 1802