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the memory of stones

Nicolas de CORBERON, the Presidents of the Sovereign Council

Hôtel de Corberon

plate Corberon

The Corberon street knew various appellation during history: Judenschulgasse (street of the Synagogue), Walter Schribersgasse (street Walter Schriber), Munckengasse (Munck street), alley of Corberon or of the President, and finally Corberon street.

It is in 1714 that Nicolas of CORBERON (father), purchased on the heirs of Miss Anna Maria RIGGERT the hotel particular on the number 2 of the street of the synagogue (Judenschulgasse).

Nicolas of CORBERON , (1653-1729) Knight, Counselor of the king, attorney general à to the Parliament of Metz, First President of the Sovereign Council of 1700 à 1723, Counselor of state was going to have for neighbors the Guard of the Seal of the Chancellery of the Sovereign Council, Jean SALOMON and Burgomaster SCHEPPELIN.


His son Nicolas of Corberon (1689-1764) follow-up the same prestigious career that his father: Knight, Counselor of the King, First President of the Sovereign Council of 1723 à 1747.

The old home, quoted since 1328, had badly aged. She was repaired in 1583 by the family WETZEL who bequeathed us a magnificent undercut of windows sculpted carrying the weapons and the initials of Mathis Wetzel (flowers, M.W) and of Margaretha Feng (trowel, M.F).