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the memory of stones

Jean-François REUBELL, the Statesman

Jean-François REUBELL is Colmarian which knew the greatest national fate and the only Alsatian having had Head's of State rank.

House Reubell

Because he was a lawyer in the sovereign council of Alsace and master of the order, a patch to remember is on the south facade of the court, Great street, in the public garden PFEFFEL from 1926.

Another patch is affixed on the house which was its last house 5, Holly Nicolas street.

Been born in October 6, 1747, REUBELL was twice a president of the National Assembly, from 1791 till 1792 and from 1794 till 1795.

Member of the Committee of public safety, by acting as foreign secretary, it is one of the fathers founders of the French Republic in spite of some very criticized shooting.

Reubell's 5 last house, Holly Nicolas street

From 1795 till 1799, it was the first of the five members of the executive board of directors with the presidency of the government.

Patch on the court house

It is in this time that its wife Marie-Anne Mouhat would have become by chance the  "Godmother"  of Marianne personifying the Republic.

Hostile to Napoleon Bonaparte, REUBELL left definitively the political scene with the "coup d'état" of 18 Brumaire. Removed in Colmar, he fell in the neglect and died in 1807.