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the memory of stones

Marie BIGOT de MOROGUES, friend of Beethoven

Beethoven had friend in Colmar: Marie BIGOT de MOROGUES, been born Kiené on March 2, 1786 in the 48,  Traders street.

In this house was born on March 2, 1786 Marie Bigot of Morogues been born Kiéné. Beethoven and Haydn was the admirers lovers of this incomparable musician who lavished her advices in F. Schubert child and taught his(her) art in F. Mendelssohn. She died in Paris in 1820 in the spring of her life.

They met in Vienna where the husband was ambassador. Girl of a teacher of violin, Marie Bigot de MOROGUES played the piano.

Beethoven, that was next to the young lady during four years, admired so much its talent that the charm and some historians claim even as it was in love with her.

At least, it is on the encouragements of the great composer that Marie BIGOT de  MOROGUES gave her first concert to Vienna in 1805.

After the return in Paris in 1809, she continued to offer BACH's interpretations, MOZART, HAYDN, always greeted by the criticism for their perfection, their skill and their grace.

She even began studying composition and harmony and wrote some details (varied Andante, sonata for the piano strong), but the departure of her husband for Napoleon's wars, obliged him to give classes of piano to live.

Exhausted and patient of the breast, she died in Paris on September 16, 1820 at the age of only 34 years. She had had nevertheless the time counting among her pupils young Félix MENDELSSOHN.

House Bigot of Morogues