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the memory of stones

Georges LASCH, the promoter

Room of trade and industry

Georges LASCH, born in 1901, is elected Chief of Staff of the Room of trade and industry of Colmar since 1924.

Colmar must him the creation of the regional Fair of the Wines of Alsace, commercial and cultural demonstration that radiates extensively beyond the regional borders.

We also must him the promotion of the Rhenish harbor of Colmar that is endowed with the biggest cereal silo of the region.

He also created the Society of development of the "Trois-Epis" in order to encourage the tourism of this admirable site.

During numerous years, he contributed to an economic chronicle at "Dernières Nouvelles du Haut-Rhin" under Hermes' signature.

Georges LASCH (1901-1963)

He died in 1963. In 1968, the Municipal Council decided to rename the part of the "Rue de Messimy" that edges the Room of Trade in memory of this exceptional promoter.