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the memory of stones

The family of COLBERY, the noble magistrates

Hotel de Golbery or de Boug

The noble family, coming down from Sylvain of GOLBERY , settled à Colmar à the XVIIIe century.

She possessed numerous properties Colmar and in the region (notably the Castle of Kientzheim, seat today of the Confraternity Saint-Etienne).

One of their member, secretary and conductor of the cardinal of ROHAN at Saverne, bought numerous old houses in the street of wheats (present Chauffour street), made them demolish and constructed a superb hotel à the number 23 that ruined it.

 This hotel was sold at the counselor of BOUG who became Président of the Sovereign Council in 1768.

Georges Joseph André of GOLBERY (1741-1823) counsel at then the Sovereign Council in 1769 at the Court of Colmar of 1811 à 1820.

His son Marie Philippe Aimé of GOLBERY (1786-1854) was magistrate and deputy of the High Rhine.

Marie Philippe Aimé de Golbéry