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the memory of stones

Erwin GIESSLER, the musician record-holder

Erwin Giessler

This alert man orchestrates of more than 70 years is a picturesque character that one can meet in the streets of Colmar since 1988.

His big red socks, his short panties and his small round hat don't belong to the Alsatian folklore but have been borrowed to the traditional costume of the Black Forest.

Original of Bavaria, he/it practised the professions of baker of 1948 to 1952 and cabinetmaker when he lived in Munich.

In 1970, he/it gets settled in Frauenau in Black Forest. It is in this village of musicians that he begins to manufacture his first instruments with materials of recuperation. So are born the " Bim-Bam-Phon ", " the Epiphon ", the " Barrocophon ", " the Antiquaphon ", " the Alterion ", the " Cordelion " the " Lusophon ", " the Organikum ", the Celestaphon ",....

His name already appears seven times in the Book Guiness of the Record, notably for the biggest organ from street to the world.

Erwin Giessler

But this this nice fellow has just applied for all over again because he is the only one to play the music of orchestra with his/her/its only hands.

Be then patient, in week, he lives to calmness in a trailer planted in a valley of the Vosges. He doesn't come to Colmar or sometimes in Breisach, that the Weekend to occur on duty close to the Koïfhus or the Body.