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the memory of stones

Charles Xavier THOMAS, the inventor

Charles-Xavier Thomas was born in Colmar on May 5th, 1785.

After the beginning career in the military administration under the First Empire, he has to the fame in the invention of the arithmometer,   the first industrial calculator.

This machine, patented in 1820, knew an universal success which made the fortune of its inventor.

arithmometer from Thomas

Become rich, THOMAS dedicated himself to the world of insurances and he based companies "Phénix" and "Eagle" in Paris where he dead on March 12th, 1870 at the age of 85 .

Realized by René HETZEL it is installed on March 3rd, 1933. It contained originally a bronze reproduction of a bust of the inventor realized according to a marble of the sculptor Jean-Baptiste CLESINGER.

Now this bronze was stolen in the night from July 31 till August 1-st, 1986 and was found never.

In 1998, the conservative of Unterlinden's museum made the discovery of a bronze copy of this bust in capital not still become identified of the museum.

Thomas Charles Xavier Inventeur of the first industrial calculator. Been born in Colmar in 1785. Died in Paris in 1870.the new statue of THOMAS

So, the municipality in so been able to to order of a new statue in white stoneware that we can again admire from October 22, 1999.