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the memory of stones

Jean Daniel HANBART, the generous bachelor

Jean Daniel HANBART

Jean Daniel HANBART is born in 1803 in Colmar in a Protestant family of which the fortune had been assured by the trade of iron.

Adulte, he takes the family enterprise then settles like owner - man of means. Hardened bachelor, he leads a discreet, Spartan life, without the, least superfluous what allows him to become millionaire.

At his death in 1857, he bequeathed by will 100 000 francs in the city of Colmar to contribute to the Catholic and Protestant school reconstruction and a huge endowment of 300 000 francs-gold to his parish.

In signs recognition, the Protestant Consistory ordered a bust some marble of the generous donor by the young sculptor Frederic-Auguste BARTHOLDI.

This one, that had been in good relation with the deceased, offered itself of the to achieve free.

This bust is today set down in the church Saint - Matthieu of Colmar.