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the memory of stones

"HANSI", the creator of signboards

Signboard " Butcher's shop ZIMMERLIN "

 Enseigne Charcuterie Zimmerlin rue des Serruriers

This signboard is situated on the House ZIMMERLIN to the 7, street of the locksmiths.

It has been realized in 1930 by the ironworks Edgar LUDMANN.

She was conceived for the Zimmerlin butcher shop. The scéne recalls that the corporation of the butchers assembled in the tavern " To the Lion " ("Zum Loewen").

This lion is armed of a cleaver to plug to two cutting. The picture is surrounded with a beautiful garland of sausages.

The gallows is surmounted of an Alsatian leading by the paw a magnificent pork.

The ironworks is decorated of a magnificent " golden Z " and the weapons of Colmar.