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the memory of stones

"HANSI", the creator of signboards

Signboard of the MUSSLIN bakery

Signboard Musslin

This signboard is 25, Rue des Têtes.

It has been realized in 1947 by ironworker L. EISENMANN.

In the gallows one recognizes bread, the croissants and the famous kugelhopf decorated of tricolor flags.

The corporation of the bakers of Colmar met at the tavern " To the small Crown " (" Zum Kreantzel "). She had in her weapons a crown of green sinople to four roses of silver. Traditionally, the Alsatian bakers had a big predilection for the pretzel.

The plaque is attached to the gallows by a tricolor ribbon. The small mouse (Mäuslein in German) makes reference in the name of the master baker (Musslin).