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the memory of stones

"HANSI", the creator of signboards

Signboard of the Pub Kleber

Signboard of the Pub Kleber

This sign is to the angle of the Place of the cathedral and the  Turnerstreet where was located the old Kleber pub.

It has been realized in 1954 by ironworker Arnold LOEWERT of BUHL.

The Napoleonic general KLEBER, saber to the right hand, bring up an impetuous rearing horse.

In the background stand out pyramids, palms and sphinxes representing Egypt where the general ran campaign and were murdered in 1800.

The central panel, surrounded with laurels, is surmounted of a grenade, symbol of the infantry, and is decorated of a tricolor ribbon to its basis.

In the gallows, the star to six branches, emblem of the brewers and innkeepers contain the weapons of Colmar.