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the history of Stations

The Tower of the station since 1907

The weather cock of the station

The tower of 36 meters, flanked of four turrets from where the observer can have a panoramic view on the city, is surmounted of an original weather vane representing a steam-powered loco of the beginning of the century.

Copper roof Under the copper roof a splendid frame is hiding placeā€¦ and the clocks
Clock So that the trains leave per hour, it is necessary that the clocks indicate the good hour.

Regularity of trains thus rests on powerful clocks.

In the years 1950, the SNCF undertaken to replace the old mechanical clock by calling upon the campanist Emile Mamias de Gagny in Paris region.

Identity card This company, founded in 1927, specialized in the equipment of the bell-towers and belfries proposed the installation of a modern clock able to post the hour on the four dials of the tower: " The electro-automatique" Angelus;. (This clock type is, nowadays, still in function in many bell-towers).

Of course, today, all the clocks of the station, from needles or digital, are ordered by a centralized system radio-controlled by the atomic clock of Frankfurt-am-Main.