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the history of Stations

The works of modernization of the installations of security after 1971

The PRS of Colmar photographed in 1987

Set apart the electrification of the line Strasbourg - Bâle in 1957, the station did not know a modernization.

She contained 5 signal boxes, seven main ways with quay, four quays to travelers, a military quay in the North of the station and a great deposit with rotunda.

A new post of type PRS (any relay with supple transit) of 69 routes and 5 licenses  was put in service in the building travelers at the beginning of the fourth quarter on 1972.

Post J in the South of Colmar

The bundle goods was framed  by two posts of engineering channels.
Post J was going to replace post 4 in the same place, in the South of the station.