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the history of Stations

The fourth and current station since 1907

The station of 1907

Seized from March 24, 1900, by Major RIEGERT, the City Council emitted a vote in favour of the construction of a new station according to a project presented by "Reichsbahn". The proposed place was placed in some hundreds of metres more in the South.

Negotiations were roundly led. Minister of Transport of Empire, Paul von BREITENBACH, will come personally in Colmar to discuss with the representatives of the Municipality, the two parts in presence trying, naturally, to reduce their own part of financing. Depenses amounted to 5 525 000 marks (gold) for the German State and in 150 000 marks for the city (for the purchase of houses and of grounds) finally. A very advantageous proportion for the city.

By worries of economy, the architects were inspired by the plans of the station of Danzig (Gdansk)


, Polish city annexed in Prussia of 1815 to 1919.

Works began, supervised by Ludwig DRUM ( Kaiserliche Bau-und Betriebsinspektion) and by his assistants WALTER and ZIEGLER, (technische Bauf├╝hrer) in 1902.

The place of the station at the beginning of century

The main entrepreneur was HP. MATTER many companies from Colmar were associated to works. The goods station is opened in February, 1904.

The new station of the travelers was opened to the traffic  on May 1-st, 1907.

Structured in three parts, it will have a length 103 metres and the tower a height of 36 metres. The main hall will spread out over 250 square meters.

The building built in Pfalsbourg's stoneware  and in brick is decorated with numerous architectural motives of which the imperial eagle with the registration " Erbaut 1905-1906 ".

The whole is completed of a vast sideboard and a waiting rooms for the four classes of travelers. There was even a room of relaxation for the no-smoking.