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the history of Stations

The works of the station from 1990 till 1991

The overhang on the first quay

Important works, for an amount of 11,3 million Francs,  were realized between 1990 and 1991 to restore a youth blow in the station of Colmar.

Demolition of the horrible overhang creates in the end of the sixties on the first quay.

The ancient system of posting of trains

Replacement of the general table indicating the total list of trains by an electronic bulletin board to liquid crystals . A world premiere due to the importance.

Recovery of grounds

Recovery of grounds.

nouveaux guichets

New "TGV-Atlantique" type wickets, more comfortable for the customer and the seller, are installed

Marchioness of the ancient quay 4

Demolition of the marchioness of the former unexploited quay 4.

In the foreground, one recognizes sub-meanly of the ancient waiting room.

A part of this skeleton was reused to cover the little place in the exit of the station.

New coverage in the exit of the station

Taken out of the station covered with a part of the got back marchioness.