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the history of Stations

The first stopping place in 1840

The station in 1840

The first station is in fact a temporary stopping place which will welcome, in October, 1840, the first travelers of the train Colmar-Benfeld.

The works of construction will have been so fast, as the building put in construction site will not have been able to be finished in time.

This Théodore MULLER's lithography, according to Frédéric PITON's drawing, preserved in the museum Espace-Energie of the "RMC", informs us about the aspect of this station of transition.

She was placed in the angle of the current  Station street and street BRUAT, near the Terminus hotel, at the moment sit of Center of Formation of learners of the Hostelry - Restoration Professions.

The access in the station by the street of Munster. As one can notice it, it was about a long hangar, in great wooden part.