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the history of Stations

The depot of Colmar before 1957

Depot of Colmar at 1930
Depot from Colmar in year 50

To the origin, the station of Colmar only arranged a discount in two ways and a rotating bridge of 13 meters to park the locos.

It is at the time of the construction of the line from Colmar to the Rhine in 1878 that a depot steam worthy of this name was constructed. It consisted of two rotundas gone against by plates of 13 meters framing an park to coal.

The half moon south permitted to park 16 locos; the north half moon consisted of 4 ways as well as the shop of repair of the machines and wagons.

For the construction of the new station in 1907, the depot benefitted from importing works of enlarging; the rotating plate diameter was carried to 20 meters and the north rotunda to 16 ways. The park to coal had a capacity of 2000 tons. An access to the north rotunda with an appendix for the material to metric way is achieved.

Depot Colmar

In 1925, facilities for the provision of the machines in coal are modernized and one constructs some buildings for the staff.

In 1929, one improves facilities of water. Of 1931 to 1933, one builds a yard of scouring of the locos. In 1934, a new way of the depot exit with pit to prick is created.

In 1935, one creates a yard of range, lubrication, small intervention and restocking of the railcars.

Water castle - depot of Colmar

In August 1939, close to 58 contraptions of which 7 to metric way (Kaysersberger Thalbahn) are affected to the depot of Colmar.

At the end the war in 1945, after five aerial bombardments, the balance makes appear that close to 10% of facilities have been destroyed and the deposit knows a slow decline until the electrification of 1957.

Today it only subsists a part of the rotunda south, the north plate, the castle of water and the administrative buildings.